It’s Pretty Simple


It’s pretty simple. If you eat life, things that still have life in them, you get life. If you don’t you don’t. I’ve been reminded recently that just because you’re alive doesn’t mean you are. It’s why 10 days ago I started the Standard Process 21 Day Liver cleanse

The cleanse consists of organic vegetables, herbs, water and an organic protein shake here and there. The common denominator? Everything you eat or drink has life. Nothing is man made, manufactured or manipulated. Results? Like crazy! I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Here’s what’s happened in 10 days: Read more…

Tiny But Treacherous


I don’t trust my tastebuds. Tiny but treacherous they always tell me what they want more than what I need. And they never learn. The carbs and cookies kill me every time but that doesn’t seem to matter to them. As long as they get what they want they’ll let the fat, fatigue and brain fog fend for themselves.

Here are a few things you didn’t know about your tastebuds and what I’m doing to get mine under control: Read more…

Who Would Have Thought

Several months ago theNorthGate and ThinkTank Inc. partnered to establish a National Circles Community here in Downtown Dayton. The opportunity has been life changing. Who would have thought a program dealing with poverty could be so enriching? Here’s what I like about Circles and why you need to get involved: Read more…



I’m a micromanager. I admit it. And if you’re passionate about something you should be too. As producers, we owe it to our audience / customers to produce the best products possible which is going to require “excessive control or attention to details”.

“Micromanager” is a popular accusation seldom portrayed positively. To the extent I used to be afraid of or even hate the title. But not anymore. Here’s the truth about micromanagers and why you need to be one – at the right time. Read more…


Our children don’t have to change the world but want to. They want to experience the passion and sense of purpose that comes with being a person of influence – a person others go to and can trust when they need help.

What an incredible opportunity it is to shape a child – how they’ll see the world, process their pain and, hopefully, discover their passion. Such a responsibility, like the recent cold weather, will take your breath away.

Children do not become awesome adults on accident. For every awesome adult there was an equally awesome adult that poured into them when they were young. Read more…

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